"If I get a chance to be your governor, there are many things I plan to do."



Plans to help women's health rights that should help ease the abortion debate by helping make birth control more available to anyone who needs it, which will save tax payers money in the long run.


If you allow me to be your governor I will stand strong against federal overreach. For too long our federal government has violated not only constitutional rights but articles of the Geneva convention & Nuremberg. Oklahoma needs someone who will stand against human rights violations.
I am a strong believer that the 2nd amendment that shall not be infringed and I will do what I can to repeal all unconstitutional gun laws.


I am looking at reducing hospital costs by putting a cap on how much they can up charge. This will be similar to the laws against price gouging during natural disasters and emergencies. We will also put a stop to hospitals withholding treatment as a way to force you into something you are not comfortable with and to give you more control over your health.  Also I would like to find a compromise for both sides in the mask and vaccine debate.

I want to improve mental health care for veterans and non-veterans alike and use existing funds to adjust and improve SoonerCare by expanding additional healthcare avenues.


As governor I will help Oklahoma become more self-sustaining. We will try to help family farms That need it, have a volunteer second line of defense in case of disasters that will assist the national guard And we'll be able to work independently of the national guard in case they are deployed. It will be a citizen support team consisting of prior military, nurses and the like.  I want to make sure that soil and water is tested for heavy metals and contamination.


Increase to oil production and build up reserves, and also see about bring the hemp industry to help fill in the gaps from shortages such as building materials.

Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

OTA has gotten too powerful, they make you pay for roads they promised you wouldn't still be paying for. They sold bonds to out-of-state and possibly out-of-country interests, and Now they want to continue stealing people's homes and land in the name of progress. I will do my best to strip them of their power and help put an end to eminent domain.